White Castle is giving chicken and value the royal treatment with the return of Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken Rings and the introduction of Smoky BBQ Chicken Rings. These versions of the uniquely shaped, lightly breaded and deliciously all white meat Chicken Rings are just 12 for $3.99 at participating Castles.

The new Smoky BBQ Chicken Rings feature the perfect blend of spices, not too sweet and not too spicy, that deliver bold flavor in every bite. The Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken Rings are dusted with authentic Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning — a tangy blend of garlic and chives with just the right touch of buttermilk.

“The Chicken Rings showcase our culinary team’s creativity through bold flavors that promise to take your taste buds on a wild ride,” says Chef Phillip Bach, Head Chef and Director of Product Innovation at White Castle. “These crafted seasonings elevate our iconic Chicken Rings to a whole new level.”

The Chicken Rings versatility allows Cravers to pair them with their favorite White Castle Sliders or enjoy them as the main entrée. They’re also the perfect treat during a visit to Night Castle, a late-night oasis where customers can order any menu favorite, anytime. More than two-thirds of White Castles are open 24/7 and others past midnight, providing customers delicious menu offerings and value no matter the time cravings’ hit.

“These Chicken Rings variations are the perfect treat to serve at gatherings with family and friends all summer long,” says Jamie Richardson, vice president for White Castle. “The flavor is delicious and the value at 12 for $3.99 Chicken Rings is truly appetizing.”

White Castle is also delivering cool beverages this summer for fans who thirst for variety. Cravers are invited to enjoy a cool Strawberry Banana Smoothie or Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie made with the perfect blend of refreshing ingredients including real fruit and yogurt.

And just in time for the warmer weather and large gatherings, White Castle is selling its Minute Maid Lemonade, Peace Tea and new Hi-C Tropical in half-gallon jugs. There’s a flavor for every Crave.

The number for the summer season at White Castle is nine. Shareable Meal #9 features 10 steam-grilled Original Sliders, 20 lightly breaded, all white meat Chicken Rings, and one sack of crispy crinkle cut fries. Shareable Meal #9 is the perfect option for Cravers looking to feed their family without breaking a sweat, or the bank.

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