White Castle announced that it has added the ever-popular Shrimp Nibblers to its menu for a limited time. Those oh-so-scrumptious bite-sized butterfly shrimp made with a crispy, golden coating will be available at participating locations from now through April 17 to satisfy customers’ seafood crave.

“Our Shrimp Nibblers are so good they reel in more fans every time we offer them. It’s love at first bite,” says Lynn Blashford, chief marketing officer for White Castle. “They’re definitely a perennial favorite with our customers.”

White Castle first introduced its customers to the Shrimp Nibblers systemwide in 2015, making this high-quality menu item more accessible than ever before. Since then, the brand has brought the popular seafood item back annually during the Lenten season, when many people are looking for more non-meat meal options.

The limited-time-only Shrimp Nibblers, which are sold in small, medium and sack sizes, complement White Castle’s other year-round seafood menu items, including the Panko Fish Slider and Fish Nibblers (not available in Louisville, Nashville and Indianapolis markets). The Panko Fish Slider features tender, flaky wild-caught Alaska pollock coated with seasoned panko breading and topped with American cheese. The Fish Nibblers are also made from Wild Alaska Pollock that’s coated in a savory breading, but like the Shrimp Nibblers, they’re prepared as White Castle does — as easy-to-eat bite-sized Nibblers.

It might be seafood season at the Castle, but non-seafood lovers are always welcome. In fact, White Castle has a special deal to satisfy those who crave the chain’s signature burger. A 10-sack of Original Sliders — those delectable 100% square beef patties steam grilled on a bed of onions — costs just $6.99 in most markets and $7.99 in New York, New Jersey and Chicago (not available in Arizona or Florida). This offer is good through April 17.

Craver Nation members can get even more bang for their buck using the 20% discount offer, available only to them, on all mobile orders through April 17. Anyone can join Craver Nation simply by signing up through the White Castle app. New members also receive a free Original Slider Combo Meal.

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