White Castle enters its 100th year with new board leadership. The family-owned business announced the role of its Chair of the Board will now be carried out by fourth-generation leader, president and CEO Lisa Ingram, following the retirement of Bill Ingram and subsequent unanimous vote by the directors.

“I know, as a fourth-generation, we are all thankful for Bill’s many years of leadership,” says Lisa Ingram, White Castle president and CEO, Chair of the Board. “I’m honored to take on this new responsibility as Chair of the Board. I’m thankful for the many lessons my dad taught me about taking the long view, and not being afraid to try new ideas. While he won’t be in his normal seat at our board meetings, I have a hunch I’ll still be giving him a call now and then for good advice and insight.”

Bill Ingram had served as Chair of the Board since 1992. He also held the roles of president and CEO of the company for more than 40 years. The Board voted unanimously to appoint Lisa Ingram to Board Chair, a role she will hold in addition to company president and CEO.

“It has been an honor to serve as Chair of the Board for White Castle, and exciting to see all the investments the fourth-generation leadership of the company is making to create an even brighter future for all the team members of White Castle,” says Bill Ingram. “Lisa is more than ready to add the additional responsibility of ‘Board Chair’ to her duties, and I know she’ll continue to do a great job. While this means I’m retired now from “official” White Castle duties, you can bet Marci and I will be keeping our freezer full of retail product, and you’ll be seeing us at the drive-thru too. Thanks to all of the people of White Castle. I’ve enjoyed the chance to be part of something very special and appreciate the friendships we share.”

Bill Ingram represented the third-generation of the family-owned business. Bill is the grandson of White Castle founder Billy Ingram, son of the company’s second CEO E.W. Ingram, Jr. and the father of fourth-generation leader Lisa Ingram. Bill Ingram helped start the company’s successful consumer packaged goods business in 1986, which supplies grocery stores all over the United States.

Lisa Ingram has served as president and CEO of White Castle since 2015. She is one of 10 fourth-generation family members serving in leadership roles for the business.

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