White Castle is taking Cravers behind the scenes and beyond the steam with its brand new “The Crave Chronicles” series. It is an engaging look and celebration of the care, quality, and passion that White Castle Team Members put into every Slider made at your local Castle or sold at your local grocery store.

“The Crave Chronicles” is a documentary-style video series highlighting the stories and talents of Team Members who have made the family-owned business thrive for more than 100 years. Episodes explore the often asked questions ranging from why there are five holes in every 100 percent beef slider patty to explaining the steps taken inside the retail Slider plants that allow Cravers to buy Sliders in the freezer aisles.

“When you have been in business for 101 years, there are countless stories worthy of telling, and this new series allows us to do just that,” says Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “The Crave Chronicles is our tasty way of documenting and celebrating the extraordinary people in Castles and food plants who help deliver Craveable food to families nationwide.”

Like White Castle’s menu and retail portfolio, “The Crave Chronicles” is full of variety. Viewers will enjoy more than a dozen short-form episodes showcasing the in-house baking of the world-famous buns, facts about the Craver Hall of Fame, and some of the memorable moments that White Castle creates. Cravers will get behind-the-scenes access at Castles, across the Slider Provider locations, and a rare glimpse inside the Home Office. The first video was released in September on White Castle’s YouTube channel with new episodes to be revealed through the end of 2022.

Serving as host for “The Crave Chronicles” is “Slider Insider” Daniel Jefferies, a long-time Craver himself. “Dan J” engages in interviews with White Castle team members and real Cravers on the street. He asks many questions and gets the answers that tell a story. His friendly and approachable style captures White Castle’s uniqueness and nuances.

“If you ever wanted an educational degree in ‘The Crave,’ this will get you there,” adds Richardson.

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