White Castle, a family-owned business since 1921, formally kicked off its 100th birthday on March 10 with special events and offers to continue throughout the year. This month, the fast-food innovator unveils a few Crave-worthy items, one a nod to its iconic history and the other celebrating its future. 

In 1927, Billy Ingram, the founder of White Castle and great-grandfather of the current generation at the helm, invented restaurant carryout by offering a bag of Sliders that could be purchased specifically to take home. Alongside that innovation came one of the industry’s most recognized taglines, “Buy ‘em by the sack.”

“White Castle has been a food industry innovator for 100 years,” says Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “But none of that would be successful without our incredible customers turning to the Castle to satisfy their Cravings this past century.”

Today, that tradition has continued at White Castle restaurants where a “10 Sack” of Sliders is available at any time, morning, noon or night. In homage to those beginnings, for a limited time, customers can purchase the Original 10 Sack, with 10 steamy Original Sliders, for just $5.99 ($6.99 in NY/NJ/CHIC), plus tax. Customers can also upgrade their order to the Share-A-Meal #7, a perfect party for two or more complete with 10 Original Sliders, 2 small fries, and 2 small soft drinks. For a limited time, the upgrade to this Craver favorite is also available at a discounted price, which varies by region.

The special 10 Sack offers cover Cravers for the meal, but often dessert is essential, particularly when celebrating something special. Mark your calendar for April 18 when White Castle begins offering its new sweet addition, Birthday Cake On-A-Stick. Joining the lineup of dessert favorites, including Fudge Dipped Cheesecake On-A-Stick, Fudge Dipped Brownie On-A-Stick and Gooey Buttercake On-A-Stick, the birthday cake variation features a vanilla cake base with white frosting, topped with blue, white and orange sprinkles. This limited-time dessert offering is perfect for celebrating 100 years of Cravings.

“Throughout the year we are inviting Cravers to be part of the festivities,” adds Richardson. “So, pass around the birthday cake-on-a-stick and let’s celebrate the next 100 years.”

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