White Castle will reward its most steadfast customers with an offer for a free Slider of their choice on National Slider Day May 15. Members of Craver Nation, White Castle’s customer loyalty program, will receive the offer through the White Castle app. No purchase is necessary. It’s White Castle’s way of saying thanks to its devoted Cravers, whose passion for White Castle Sliders has no bounds. Anyone who is not yet a member of Craver Nation can join on White Castle’s app through May 15 to receive the offer.

White Castle introduced National Slider Day in May 2015 to honor the iconic, steamed-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions hamburger, which in 2014 Time magazine declared “the most influential burger of all time.” Though the Original Slider is highly regarded for its hot and juicy taste, the 100% beef patty is equally as famous for its 2 x 2-inch size, making it so easy to eat it was dubbed the Slider. Today, restaurants and chefs around the world use the term to describe their own small, easy-to-eat sandwiches.

White Castle’s menu of Sliders has grown significantly since the Original Slider was introduced 100 years ago, in 1921. White Castle now offers 12 varieties of beef, chicken, fish and plant-based Sliders, including the Chicken and Waffles Slider, the Panko Breaded Fish Slider and the Impossible Slider, as well as limited-time seasonal favorites, like the Seafood Crab Cake and Sloppy Joe sliders.

Cravers nationwide can find several of White Castle’s great-tasting Sliders, including The Original Slider and the Classic Cheese Slider, in their grocer’s freezers. Both the retail and restaurant versions of the tasty little burgers can be used to make all types of delicious dishes, from soups and salads to quiche and casseroles. Check out White Castle’s website for inspiration!

“National Slider Day gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation to the Craver Nation,” says Jamie Richardson, a vice president at White Castle. “We are so grateful for their steadfast devotion to the Crave.”

White Castle expects to give away tens of thousands of Sliders at its more than 360 Castles. In addition, White Castle will offer a buy-one, get-one-free deal for Combo #1 by delivery only. Customers can order directly from Uber Eats or Grubhub.

National Slider Day falls smack dab in the middle of National Hamburger Month, another White Castle creation meant to honor the fast-food hamburger industry it pioneered. In honor of the occasion — and in observance of its 100th birthday this year — White Castle has several events, offers and announcements lined up throughout the month, including its Birthday Bash and Time Machine Sweepstakes.

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