White Castle, home of The Original Slider and America’s first fast-food hamburger restaurant, is recognizing National Slider Day on May 15 by treating Cravers to a complimentary Original Slider. No purchase is necessary. Customers will simply use a digital coupon available on White Castle’s social media channels or enter the code SLIDERDAY on the app to redeem the offer.

White Castle helped elevate the humble hamburger from culinary novelty to an American household staple when it was founded in 1921. At a price of $0.05 per Slider, value and convenience were the foundation of the restaurant’s concept. Those foundational principles remain resolute to this day.

“We’re humbled to have always led the charge to serve up hot and tasty food at an affordable price,” says Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Today when families follow their Crave to the Castle, no matter their income, they know they are going to be able to explore a delicious menu they can afford. It’s a testament to how we’ve helped create memorable moments for generations of customers.”

White Castle introduced National Slider Day in May 2015 to honor the iconic, steamed-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions hamburger, which in 2014 Time magazine declared “the most influential burger of all time.” Though the Original Slider is highly regarded for its craveworthy taste, the 100% beef patty is equally as famous for its 2×2-inch size, making it so easy to eat it was dubbed the Slider.

White Castle’s selection of Sliders has grown significantly since the Original Slider was introduced in 1921. In 1962, 41 years after serving its first Slider, White Castle introduced its first new menu item – the Cheese Slider. Today, White Castle restaurants offer a variety of Sliders, including the 1921 Slider, Chicken and Waffles Slider, the Panko Fish Slider and the Impossible Slider, as well as limited-time seasonal favorites like the Sloppy Joe and the Bacon Ranch Chicken Ring sliders. White Castle also offers several breakfast Sliders, made with fresh cracked egg, including the Original Slider with Egg & Cheese and the Belgian Waffle Slider, which can be ordered any time morning, noon or night. More than two-thirds of White Castles are open 24/7 and others past midnight, providing customers delicious menu offerings and value no matter the time cravings’ hit.

In 1987, White Castle entered the retail food business by selling its one-of-a-kind Sliders in grocery store aisles. It was the very first fast-food chain to do so. Today, 37 years later, White Castle has sold more than 6.5 billion Sliders in grocery, club and convenient stores across all 50 states.

“The same recipe and ingredients in the patties and buns used in restaurants is what customers will experience when they purchase Sliders in their local grocers freezer aisle,” says Richardson. “That’s what we mean when we say when you have a microwave you have a White Castle, because your microwave is a true portal to the Castle.”

Cravers can find their closest retailer at whitecastle.com/grocery.

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