When Billy Ingram started White Castle in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921, he pledged to make delicious, affordable, high-quality hamburgers that provided both convenience and exceptional value to customers. White Castle has remained committed to that promise throughout its 103-year history, which helps explain the brand’s enduring success.

Posters, ads and other marketing materials from years gone by confirm that these ideals have always been part of White Castle’s operating philosophy. White Castle is showcasing some of the posters from its historical archives just in time to celebrate National Hamburger Month, the month-long commemoration it introduced in 1993 to honor the popularity of the hamburger in American society.

One poster, for example, touts the quality of White Castle’s hamburgers, calling them “The standard, proclaimed by the many attempts to equal their tasty quality.”

Another reinforces White Castle’s value, saying, “Save Money, Save Time, Save Labor” by bringing the family to White Castle for the evening meal.”

A couple of the posters plug White Castle’s convenience, saying the food is “Packed in handy containers so you can carry home a meal” and that there are three ways to enjoy White Castle: “At the counter, carried home in bags, in your car.”

Further proof that White Castle has been a late-night destination for many decades is the poster that proclaims, “For that midnight snack…Eat them here, or Buy ‘em by the ‘Sack’.”

“These posters are a wonderful reminder that as a family-owned business, we have remained steadfast to the pledge our founder made 103 years ago,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Our commitment to delivering hot and tasty food at affordable prices hasn’t wavered in more than a century.”

As part of that commitment to quality, affordability and convenience, White Castle launched its retail division in 1987, offering its savory Sliders in grocery stores for preparation at home. It was the first fast-food restaurant to sell its menu items in retail stores. In the 37 years since the Slider’s retail debut, Cravers have warmed up more than 6.5 billion frozen Sliders. Offerings that began with The Original Slider have since expanded to include Classic Cheese Sliders, Chicken Breast Sliders, Chicken & Cheese Sliders and Jalapeño Cheese Sliders.

In recognition of National Hamburger Month, White Castle also will:

  • Offer a free Original Slider on May 15, National Slider Day. No purchase is necessary. (Redeemable using code SLIDERDAY on the app or a digital coupon available on White Castle’s social media channels.)
  • Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the famed movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle with offers to get the digital movie with select restaurant and retail purchases.
  • Continue its $5 Bacon Bundle Deal, allowing customers to enjoy a choice of two bacon-based Sliders (Bacon Cheese Slider, 1921 Bacon Cheese Slider or Chicken Bacon Ranch Slider) and a small order of fries for just $5.
  • Pay homage to its founding year 1921 by selling $25 gift cards for just $19.21. Available for purchase in Castles throughout May.
  • Honor all mothers with 20% off any order on Mother’s Day, May 12. (Redeemable using code WCMOM on the app or a digital coupon available on White Castle’s social media channels.)
  • Commemorate Memorial Day between May 25 and 27 with $3 off any Crave Clutch of 20 Sliders. (Redeemable using code CLUTCHDEAL on the app or a digital coupon available on White Castle’s social media channels.)
  • Continue its long-standing tradition of having team members from the home office work in Castles or at the company’s food manufacturing plants and bakeries. More than 250 team members are expected to spend a day in May either greeting customers and learning the secret art of Slider making or assisting on the production lines to make and package the Sliders sold in retail outlets across the U.S.
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