Cheeseburger Bobby’s, a fast-casual gourmet burger concept, made its debut in the annual Burger Bracket Challenge and proved to be quite the contender by advancing to the Final Four., a website hosted by long-time food writer Scott Hume that is dedicated to everything burgers, pits 64 of the top burger concepts (chains and independents) against each other in four regional divisions. Concepts have the opportunity to advance based on votes received by the site’s readers. This is the second year the site has hosted the challenge and the first invite for Cheeseburger Bobby’s to participate.

“I created the Burger Brackets not to find out who diners like best, but to highlight how much burger lovers are loyal to their burger joint,” Hume says.

Although Cheeseburger Bobby’s was one of the smaller concepts, they proved to be a reader favorite by advancing four rounds to the Final Four. Along the way Cheeseburger Bobby’s defeated Culver’s, Krystal, Bill’s Bar & Grill, and Burgerville, ultimately losing to Blanc Burgers + Bottles, the concept claiming the final title.

“We were very excited to be included in the burger bracket challenge this year and were thrilled to make it to the Final Four,” says Robert Stoll, cofounder and president of Cheeseburger Bobby’s. “Being a concept with five locations against some of the biggest chains, such as Burger King, Five Guys, and In-N-Out, we were honored to be recognized as one of the favorite concepts. It shows there is a lot of loyalty connected with our brand.”

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