American Marketing & Sales, d/b/a Innovative Designs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Datameg Corp, today announced that Wings to Go Inc. and Sam LaGrassa’s have selected the company’s Green Line Food Caterware products for use in their packaging programs. Wings to Go will use the Innovative Designs Green Line Caterware products to supply its three-compartment football bowl with a lid for their fall food packaging promotional program beginning September 1, 2008; and, Sam LaGrassa’s will use the products for its catering services.

The Green Line Caterware Products include an extensive line of environment-friendly, injection-molded food-packaging products manufactured from FDA-approved polypropylene and polystyrene resins containing up to 40 percent recycled plastic content. In addition to these latest contracts, American Marketing has received purchase orders for its new Green Line of products from Whole Foods, the U.S. House of Representatives purchasing office in Washington, D.C., and several schools and colleges including the University of Massachusetts.

“We’re very pleased with the strong interest we continue to see in our Innovative Designs’ Green Line food packaging products, especially from such established companies in the restaurant industry like Wings to Go, which has been in business for over 20 years, and Sam LaGrassa’s, which is a Boston landmark, in business for over 40 years,” says Leonard Tocci, president of Innovative Designs.

Comments Jim Murphy, CEO of parent company Datameg, “Innovative Designs offers one of the only recycled or ‘green’ food-packaging products on the market, and its success is largely due to a new generation of eco-conscious consumers and retailers who want socially responsible products. We expect to continue to see sales growth for this new line as we open up new channels of distribution and expand our customer base.”