Wings Over is answering their loyal guest’s ongoing request: Bring back the burn of Afterburner.

The renowned franchised chicken wing company celebrated for its jumbo wings and hand-breaded tenders are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated re-launch of their hottest flavor, Afterburner, alongside an all-new flavorful companion, Honeyburner.

Starting January 15, Afterburner, infamous for its intense heat and bold spices, makes a triumphant comeback to satisfy the cravings of spice enthusiasts who have longed for its fiery kick. Due to popular demand, Wings Over is thrilled to bring back this iconic flavor, promising an exhilarating experience for those seeking an extra punch in every bite.

Wings Over is also introducing a more mild option, Honeyburner, which is a perfect combination of sweet and tangy Honey Mustard with the heat of Afterburner. Visit your nearest Wings Over location or order online at to experience the fiery comeback of Afterburner or savor the delightful taste of Honeyburner.

The two flavors will only be available for a limited time, so order today.

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