Wingstop Launches Virtual Taste Technology

    Industry News | April 1, 2019

    Three months after Hathway Inc. launched Wingstop’s new mobile app and website, they developed the first ever virtual taste technology. Wingstop’s Lick-N-Taste feature lets app users try before they buy, allowing the brand’s biggest differentiator to sell itself—flavor. Augmented Tasting is the next evolution in mixed reality and is now being introduced to the restaurant industry at-scale.

    Digital sampling is the ultimate way to allow users to explore products prior to purchase. Research has shown that customers become 105 percent more hungry after using this sensorial taste-testing technology. Leveraging Wingstop’s 11 iconic flavors to create the ultimate sampler platter, chicken wing conversion is expected to increase 172 percent due to the technology’s 99.9 percent flavor profile accuracy.

    Wingstop’s Senior Vice President of Digital, Kevin Fish, attests to how impactful this software will be for their business.

    “Our flavors are our No. 1 selling point. Letting users digitally sample them on their mobile devices means more new customers turning into flavor cravers,” says Fish, “We could not have made this happen without the innovative minds over at Hathway.”

    After countless hours spent coding and licking, licking and coding, Hathway’s technology team has introduced SmellKit™ to the market, a proprietary library that incorporates haptic feedback and near-infrared light to activate intracellular events within your taste buds.

    Hathway’s VP of Technology, Mike Maxwell, is thrilled to be launching this feature in the Wingstop app and seeing it hit customers’ hands and tongues, like a flavor explosion in your mouth.

    “I couldn’t have imagined that one of the most innovative technologies of our generation would come from touching my tongue to a 9V battery.”

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