Industry News | September 15, 2011

In Wisconsin, Fazoli's Toes the Line with Table Service

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Fazoli’s, the Italian restaurant popular with local families, is introducing an all-new service style and design that, when combined with its recently revamped menu, represents the future of quick-service restaurants in Wisconsin and across the country.

“Fazoli’s is now giving guests a $10 sit-down restaurant experience for half that price,” says Carl Howard, president and CEO.

Instead of ordering and returning to the counter to get their food, guests now relax and enjoy Fazoli’s famous breadsticks and beverages until servers deliver their meals. Called the Expanded Service Program, it is designed to make dining more enjoyable and convenient, especially for families. It includes the return of dining room breadstick delivery. As part of the new service style, traditional plates and silverware have replaced Styrofoam, plastic, and paper.

Howard said Fazoli’s wants to make it easier for busy families to enjoy an affordable, real meal together. “With our new table service, we do more of the work, but unlike sit-down restaurants, there’s no tipping and no waiting for the check.”

Fazoli’s, based in Lexington, Kentucky, also has revamped its menu, and now offers premium Italian food many guests say is every bit as good or better than more expensive sit-down restaurants. They also enjoy having their meals served on real plates.

“Today’s consumers are more discriminating than ever before, but still very value-conscious,” Howard says. “Price is important but so is quality. Among quick-service restaurants, Fazoli’s or leading the way in delivering an upscale, yet affordable family dining experience.”

Guests also will enjoy Fazoli’s upgraded, contemporary new design, as the chain has just completed remodeling its local restaurants. Bright colors and cool pictures of kids make for a fun dining experience.

Fazoli’s introduced table service and its new design to northeast Wisconsin earlier this year.


It seems, these wanna be Italian chains truly believe that they revolutionize a category in the industry when they think of it. Well,Mr. Carl Howard just to bring you up to speed, since it has taken 20+ years for fazoli's to figure out table side service, let me ask you a question, if I order a pasta, a salad and a dessertdo I get them all at once(if so credit fazoli for another revolutionary idea in the industry , I will eat my dessert 1st so it does not melt, my entree second and then the soup since it is cheaper then my entree) .YOU MIGHT AS WELL ELIMINATE COUNTERS NOW, MOVE THOSE EMPLOYEES TO YOUR SERVICE SIDE AND GIVE ME A CALL SO YOU CAN REALLY REVOLUTIONIZE THE QUICK SERVE INDUSTRY, WITH OUR iOrder cloud POS and let your guests take total control at the tables and keep some integrity for an industry known, to not know what is next(sooner or later with all the big vc capital chains have, they are bound through trial and error to stumble upon the next big thing in our industry). I am giving you heads up to the future, take it from an independent who see's the future

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