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    Wolfgang Puck Pulls Foie Gras from Menus

  • Industry News March 22, 2007
    Farm Sanctuary, the nation's leading farm-animal shelter and advocacy organization, today thanked Wolfgang Puck for addressing farm-animal welfare concerns by taking foie gras and crated veal and pork off his menus. Farm Sanctuary first contacted Wolfgang Puck in 2002 about humane concerns as part of its campaigns to prevent the cruel treatment of farm animals. Wolfgang Puck has removed foie gras from all of the Wolfgang Puck companies' restaurants and is implementing a series of other animal welfare improvements to be completed by the end of 2007.

    In a bold move and in recognition of the growing importance of animal welfare to the nation's consumers, Wolfgang Puck is expanding his offerings of animal-free meals, and has developed a comprehensive plan to directly reduce the suffering of the animals who are used for his other menu options.

    "Farm Sanctuary is very pleased that Wolfgang Puck has taken such impressive steps in the right direction," says Gene Baur, president of Farm Sanctuary. "We are grateful to see a chef of Wolfgang Puck's stature take steps away from factory farming by eliminating several egregious practices. His statement is consistent with a growing wave of concern over the way farm animals are treated."

    Farm Sanctuary recently worked with the Humane Society of the United States to help The Wolfgang Puck companies create a plan that addresses a wide range of farm animal and vegetarian issues.

    "When a highly respected icon in the food industry takes a bold position like this, it has an impact," Baur says. "Other chefs and establishments should follow in Wolfgang Puck's footsteps." Farm Sanctuary has convinced nearly 1,000 restaurants across the U.S. to sign pledges not to sell foie gras because of humane concerns.

    Farm Sanctuary led a campaign in Chicago to ban the sale of foie gras—-a campaign that garnered widespread support among humane organizations, businesses and religious leaders. The City Council passed the measure by a 48 to 1 margin and went into effect in August 2006.