After 33 years in the barbecue business, Woody Mills and his partner, Yolanda Mills-Mawman, have discovered that the best way to keep their fans coming back for more is to throw in the occasional pleasant surprise.

While the bulk of their business is founded on tried-and-true signature dishes and comfort food sides—many of which were derived from original recipes from the kitchen of Grace Meyer, Woody Mills’ mother—the Florida-based franchise chain has decided to tweak its recipe for success.

To that end, Woody’s Bar-B-Q rolled out a brand new menu earlier this month at locations that stretch from Florida to Utah.

In addition to several menu enhancements, the new Woody’s Bar-B-Q menu has received a complete makeover.

Members of the Woody’s corporate team attended a special “menu boot camp” to learn a few new tricks of the trade with regard to placement of menu items and the dynamic use of images.

Professionally rendered product shots were taken, and several new menu items were tested at a number of Woody’s flagship restaurants to see how they fared. Those that passed muster were incorporated into the new menu alongside long-time fan favorites.

Some of the new items Woody’s Bar-B-Q devotees will find on the menu include:

  • The Juicy Big Black Angus ½-Pound Hawaiian Burger—For aunique twist on an old favorite, Woody’s black angus steak burger is topped with grilled pineapple, diced barbecue pork, Cheddar cheese, and Woody's own sweet sauce.
  • Lip-smacking Memphis-Style Dry Rub Spare Ribs—Guests are invited to sidle up to a slab of these slow-smoked ribs that have been hand-rubbed with Woody’s award-winning seasoning.
  • The Tasty Big Fish Sandwich—Showcasing a large Pollock fish filet served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and tartar sauce all on a toasted roll.

“We love the look and feel of our new menu, and suspect our patrons will, too,” Mills says. “It’s a far cry from our original menu when we first opened our doors in 1980, which was just a list of items and prices on a simple piece of paper.

“My partner Yolanda worked side by side with the graphic designer on the layout for an end-result that will make your mouth water before the plate even reaches your table,” he adds. “Each of the photos and menu item descriptions were carefully selected so they are not only true to the product that will be presented to our patrons, but are also important elements in transforming what was once an informational piece into a highly successful sales tool.

“While the combination of images and descriptions may get them excited about what they are about to eat, the flavor is what will keep our fans—new and old—returning time and again,” he concludes. “The cover says it all: ‘The Secret’s in the Tastin’.’”

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