Woops!, a New York-based bakery specializing in macarons and other international pastries, is coming to town. Firmly anchored as the largest retailer of French macarons in the United States, Woops! is bringing its Parisian flair to the South Bay area.

Located at Westfield Mall, across Din Tai Fung adjacent the Monroe Parking Garage entrance, the kiosk is slated to open June 15th and will be owned and operated by Alesia Rao. This is the first of three locations Rao plans to open, and she is eyeing the rest of the Bay Area for further growth.

“I am excited to introduce Woops! to the South Bay community, which has been welcoming and receptive to us. Woops! is unlike anything in the area– it’s not just another chain,” says Rao. “Aside from the unique aesthetic, Woops! serves delicious and typically unattainable items: from macarons to cremebellos and various other desserts in between, Woops! is the perfect treat for a mid-day snack or a gift for a loved one.”

The Woops! journey began in 2012 on a whim when four friends opened a macaron pop-up shop at the Holiday Shops in New York City’s Bryant Park. In nine short weeks they sold 100,000 macarons, made $250,000 and developed a cult-like following due to the macarons and aesthetic. The group then realized that “Woops!”, they had a thriving business. Building on the momentum and popularity of Bryant Park, the four friends soon opened boutique mall kiosks in major malls throughout the Northeast.

The close-knit group of friends who founded Woops! are from all over the world: Israel, France, India, and the U.S. Their cultural diversity is integrated not only in the ambience but in the menu. Today, Woops! serves handmade classic French macarons in over 20 flavors, as well as 30 other international desserts, all of which are produced in, and shipped frozen and ready to bake from the company’s bakery in New York City.

“We hope customers come by and are immediately reminded of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris or a dream of a Parisian adventure,” notes Rao. “We want to serve as a reminder to slow down – it’s about taking a moment in the middle of your everyday errands to appreciate the small beautiful things in life, like a macaron. It’s a lifestyle choice; it’s about enjoy where you are in the moment.”

To help celebrate every moment, whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, business meeting, or client gift, Woops! works creatively to produce a dessert that personalizes and enhances each event’s theme and styling. For any event or celebration, Woops! offers eye-catching macaron pyramids, beautifully designed gift boxes, elegant party favors and customized macarons with company logos, taglines and more.

“With Woops! we are able to be a part of every celebration, big or small,” adds Rao. “We look forward to the opportunity to celebrate with our customers everything from weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and every holiday in between. We even offer desserts for business meetings to bring celebrating to every aspect of life.”

Boosting at least 20 macaron flavors at any time, cremebellos, cookies and other select international desserts, the Woops! kiosk brings the brand’s signature welcoming atmosphere to every space it is a part of. Adaptable to small town malls and big city centers, the kiosks occupy 10 square feet and employ up to six part- and full-time employees.

According to Tal Avivi, co-founder and Chief Design and Marketing Officer of the brand, Woops! has 43 locations, from bakeshops to kiosks, open and operating in 18 states. Company plans call for an additional 18 locations by the end of 2018. Avivi also estimates the brand will surpass the 200 location mark within the next five years.

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