Industry News | October 25, 2004

World Series Homer Could Mean Free Tacos for All

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The Taco Bell target is back. And once again, if a home run strikes said target in this year's World Series between the Red Sox and the Cardinals, every person in the U.S. can eat a free taco, courtesy of Taco Bell.

Located approximately 420 feet from home plate, the target, measuring 12' x 12', is located left of centerfield, underneath Busch Stadium's scoreboard -- in a prime home run-hitting area known as Homer's Landing. During the 2004 season, a total of 170 home runs were hit in the stadium, nearly a quarter of which landed in the vicinity of the target area.

Taco Bell has purchased an insurance policy to cover the anticipated cost of the free taco, should a home run make the mark. Redemption would take place on Tuesday, November 9th, from 3-6 pm local time.