Hiebing, an integrated brand development and marketing firm, announced the launch of a new marketing campaign for Culver’s. Hiebing provides brand strategy, interactive, public relations, and social media management as well as broadcast and print advertising for Culver’s as its agency of record.

“A passion for inspiring brand devotion drives all our work,” says Hiebing president Dave Florin. “With such a strong brand character and ardent fan base, Culver’s challenges us to find new ways to continue growing brand advocates and loyalists.”

The new campaign, the 3-Pepper Serenade, revolves around Culver’s guests’ unexpected experience of being serenaded by a mariachi band singing about the new 3-Pepper Chipotle ButterBurger and 3-Pepper Chipotle Chicken Sandwich as the guests enjoy the new menu offerings. Television and radio ads for the campaign are currently airing in 18 states.

“Telling a compelling brand story starts with clear, engaging ideas that resonate with the target audience,” says Hiebing vice president and creative director Sean Mullen. “For this latest Culver’s campaign, that means making the food and the flavors come to life in an out-of-the-ordinary way.”

In addition to the commercials, Culver’s guests will experience the campaign across multiple touch-points, including the Culver’s website, a radio ad, coupons, e-mail, and social media efforts via the company’s Facebook and Twitter presence.

“Our new campaign entices the senses of our guests by highlighting the bold, layered flavors of the new 3-Pepper Chipotle menu offerings,” says Culver’s vice president of marketing David Stidham. “In addition to featuring the tasty menu options, the campaign draws on the franchise’s family values and charm by putting our CEO and cofounder Craig Culver at the forefront of the story, further strengthening guests’ connection with our brand.”

Stidham shared that Hiebing’s first campaign for Culver’s featuring Craig Culver helped generate the best Lenten season Culver’s has seen as a company in four years and lifted systemwide same-store sales across the board.

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