Wow Bao and Paytronix Systems, Inc. announced the launch of Bao Bucks, the first virtual kitchen rewards program via Paytronix, provider of the most advanced digital guest experience platform.

Wow Bao is an innovative fast-casual concept that has launched 600+ virtual kitchens that transforms any commercial space into an Asian restaurant. Built on the Paytronix platform, the new custom loyalty program is designed to provide Wow Bao with a direct way to connect with customers, get to know them better, and to surprise and delight them with individualized rewards.

“As the leader in the virtual dining segment, we continue to innovate and evolve for our restaurant partners and our guests. Thanks to Paytronix, Wow Bao is the first virtual brand to offer loyalty on a national scale. Together we will enhance the guest experience, increase our volume of repeat orders, and drive more sales to our partners,” says Geoff Alexander, president & CEO of Wow Bao.

Bao Bucks, which combines DoorDash Storefront and the Paytronix-powered loyalty program, enables members to earn one point for every dollar spent on food and beverages ordered exclusively through For every 100 points, guests receive $7.00 in Bao Bucks. The Bao Bucks rewards program is currently available for all orders placed via nationwide and in Canada for all 600+ Wow Bao locations, and soon to be available in both Mexico and the UK.

“Creating a national brand is a huge challenge, and Wow Bao is making all the right moves,” says Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins. “The idea of ‘virtual brand’ is really taking hold in the industry, but a key challenge remains working out a balance with third-party delivery services. Smart brands, like Wow Bao, are using loyalty programs to convert customers over to their own platform. Not only is this cheaper for the guest, but it also enables Wow Bao to learn more about their customers.”

The Wow Bao virtual kitchen is an affordable way for restaurant brands to expand their menus with little to no overhead costs. Wow Bao conveniently provides restaurants with its signature Bao, pan-seared potstickers, delectable dumplings, and flavorful rice bowls to be freshly prepared by trained restaurant teams. Subsequently, Wow Bao orders contribute directly to the restaurant’s bottom line without requiring expensive dining space or waitstaff.

A subsidiary of the restaurant group, Lettuce Entertain You, Wow Bao offers in-house marketing, online training, operational support, supply chain coordination, and third-party vendor support to get a new line of business up and running in as little as five weeks with potential to earn six figures in additional revenue.

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