Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade (Wow Wow) is introducing three limited-time additions to its menu. 

The Cinnamon Vanilla Cacao Coffee, Apple Spice Lemonade and Apple Cinnamon Flatbread Sandwich, will be available at all mainland locations through March 21, 2021.

You may have heard the popular saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, inside of any Wow Wow restaurant they’ve put their own spin on it and are saying, “an Apple Spice Lemonade a day paired with an Apple Cinnamon Flatbread Sandwich keeps the boring flavors and bad meals away.” 

The Cinnamon Vanilla Cacao Coffee is a warm blend of Kona coffee, coconut milk, cinnamon cacao sauce, and finished with vanilla syrup. The Apple Spice Lemonade is a crisp cup of sweet and cinnamon spiciness that combines the feeling of a hot summer day with a trip to the pumpkin patch – perfect for the doldrum days of February and March. The Apple Cinnamon Flatbread Sandwich is a delectable handheld with cinnamon maple almond butter, apple, cinnamon, maple syrup, and coconut chips. 

“Apple and cinnamon are a classic flavor combination, and pairs exceptionally well with what we do best at Wow Wow: lemonades, coffee and healthy bites,” says Tim Weiderhoft, chief executive officer of Wow Wow. “We are always looking to provide the best tasting, most unique food experiences to our guests and this continues that tradition.”

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