Industry News | February 26, 2013

WyckWyre Celebrates Its 110,000th Applicant

WyckWyre, the online hiring system specific to the food and hospitality industry, celebrated its 110,000th applicant to use its system to apply to one of its many restaurant and/or hotel employers last week.  

WyckWyre, which launched in May 2010, advertises all positions for employers and prescreens each applicant that applies, helping to significantly reduce time-to-hire.

Managers who use the system for hiring report higher-quality employees and a measurable turnover reduction.

"It's a very exciting time for us," says Lisa DiVirgilio, WyckWyre's company director. "Our employers are seeing the value in thorough prescreening beyond just a yes/no or agree/disagree question set.

“WyckWyre provides complete virtual interviews for entry-level to top-level management applicants,” she adds. “Therefore, the time savings our hiring managers experience is beyond that of a typical applicant tracking system."

Employers using WyckWyre as their applicant tracking system report saving up to four to six hours per hire in recruiting time, and see a turnover reduction of between 35–40 percent compared to previous recruiting methods.

"I love that WyckWyre advertises positions for me,” an Applebee’s hiring manager reported during WychWyre’s semi-annual customer survey. “I don't have to wonder where I'm going to find my next applicant or if they'll be a quality applicant when they apply.” 

District managers report that using WyckWyre has increased the quality of in-person interviews done by store managers once they chose an applicant who applied through the hiring system.

"I am seeing more quality applicants that are specific to my needs,” says Gena Carr, district manager for a Wendy’s franchisee Tennessee. “Our interviews done by the management staff are worth more because of the research and information they enter an interview with by using WyckWyre.”

DiVirgilio adds, "Hitting the 110,000-applicant mark is significant because it means our employers have 110,000 prescreened, prequalified potential employees who are interested in working for them specifically. Many of the employers we work with report having trouble finding applicants prior to WyckWyre. We work hard to get them the applicants they need."

WyckWyre is the applicant tracking system designed specifically for the foodservice and hospitality industries. The company works with franchisees of Wendy's, Burger King, Chili's, Fuddrucker's, Applebee's, Holiday Inn, Sonic, Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings, and more.

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