WyckWyre, the food and hospitality-specific online hiring system, unveiled its newest hiring platform, V3, which gives clients a powerful hiring tool that is as simple to use as many popular social networks.


The new features include real-time hiring activity dashboards with live 'news feeds' of hiring managers' actions; personality assessment integrations; customizable pre-screening per position; actionable data reporting; and the ability to add digital onboarding with I9/E-Verify flow to the system beginning in January 2014.


"The improvements are changing the game when it comes to online hiring for restaurants. We wanted to create features that allowed hiring managers to spend less time in the back office hiring, and more time in front of the customers while being surrounded by great employees they've hired through WyckWyre," says Lisa DiVirgilio, company director for WyckWyre.

The online hiring company has seen tremendous growth since launch, averaging at a rate of 170 percent per year over the past three years. The growth, DiVirgilio said, is what inspired the new platform, as features are developed directly from WyckWyre's customers' suggestions.


"If we need a more detailed feature in our hiring system, or don't have something that will help us specifically, they are able to create a solution for it," says Rhonda Knight, management recruiter for ERJ Dining.

In addition to new features, WyckWyre also focused on more robust ways to advertise available jobs posted on its system. Within the past six months, the company has secured new partnerships with more than 1,000 social, niche, and regional job boards throughout the U.S. that all jobs flow to automatically. This is in addition to paid Craigslist posting areas, Indeed.com, GlassDoor.com, and US.jobs venues to which it currently feeds jobs.


Additional features slated for December release include video cover letters.

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