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    WyckWyre Launches Franchise-Focused Product Page

  • Industry News April 6, 2012

    Spring cleaning is in the air, as WyckWyre recently launched the company's new franchise-focused page. The redesign showcases the latest features of the restaurant and hospitality industry's applicant tracking system.

    View the newly launched page here.

    "We wanted to showcase what we do, and one of the most important things is to make sure our customers know they are never alone during the hiring process," says Lisa DiVirgilio, WyckWyre's marketing manager.

    WyckWyre launched a popular feature, the Customer Success Department, at the end of 2011. The department monitors each live job posting from WyckWyre customers, tracking it to make sure the job opportunity gets quality traffic volume and high-quality employees.

    "Our Customer Success Department is one of the most proactive service departments in the restaurant technology industry,” DiVirgilio says. “We're working to turn the idea of call-center customer service upside-down. We seek out problems before they become apparent, and we create resolutions before the customer even notices there could have been issue."

    The new product site features other WyckWyre customer benefits, and allows those interested to schedule a free demonstration as well as view an instant taste of WyckWyre's hiring system, created only for the restaurant and hospitality industry.