Ed Anderson, board chairman of Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Cooperative, Inc. and president and COO of Wen-Rich, didn't have the amount of applicants walking through his Wendy's locations doors that he wanted. Those that did come in and apply were not the quality that he wanted working at his store locations.

Seven months ago, Anderson discovered WyckWyre and implemented the online hiring tool into his recruiting efforts.

Anderson has increased the amount and quality of applicants for his 10 stores and has saved his managers time throughout the hiring process using WyckWyre's online hiring tool.

"The biggest advantage of using WyckWyre is that it goes ahead and asks questions before we even interview the person,” Anderson says. “Some people can be eliminated from this process right off the bat. That saves our managers time in the restaurant. I can't tell you how many times an interview is scheduled, and that person is just wrong. That person is now eliminated."

Since implementing the WyckWyre system, managers now save an average of five to six hours throughout the hiring process per position, Anderson says. Given the high industry standard turnover rates, this adds up to a dramatic reduction in time spent hiring and ultimately in turnover expense.

"Our managers don't have to go through a bunch of paper applications anymore,” Anderson says. “Now, with WyckWyre, they can just click a button and tell the applicant to come in for an interview via e-mail.”

Anderson said another time-saver was the virtual interview process on WyckWyre. Questions for the virtual interview are determined by the employer, making the process as unique and customized as the initial sit-down interview would be.

"The stress has been reduced by WyckWyre,” Anderson says. “For manager positions, we can set some parameters on what we want it to be. We get the applicant flow, they answer the questions, and with these questions, we can see if they fit our profile before they even come in for an interview. It's so much better when the GMs are able to take a look initially at these questions asked online by WyckWyre to see if they fit what we want.”

Before WyckWyre, Anderson had difficulty getting the applicant flow and quality of workers that he wanted for his stores.

"What first attracted me to WyckWyre was that we were having difficulty with just handing out the applications at the restaurant,” Anderson says. “We didn't seem to be getting the applicant flow. The flow that we were getting was not what we were looking for. It was not a ‘My Wendy's’ kind of person.”

Anderson said he is continually impressed with the caliber of applicants that now apply to open positions at his restaurants.

"WyckWyre has given us the opportunity to go out and source people from different avenues. The quality of applicant has been significantly stronger," Anderson says.

WyckWyre customers can post jobs through their customized recruiting system, which are automatically posted to major US job boards.

The WyckWyre team works to make sure the posting has the correct keywords for search engine results, conveys the job responsibilities accurately, and most importantly, is appealing to potential workers. Furthermore, they monitor each posting to make sure the position has quality traffic and solid applicants coming in.

The ease-of-use of the system and its functionality has been applauded not only by Anderson, but by other Wendy's franchisees as well.

"The system is easy for my general managers to use and easy for them to train,” says Anne Williams, a 17-unit Wendy’s franchisee in upstate New York. “Besides saving a tremendous amount of time on phone calls and reference checks, the quality of the applicants is much higher.”

Anderson says he encourages other Wendy's franchisees to look into using WyckWyre for their hiring needs.

"I definitely think WyckWyre is worth the investment,” he says. “We have an increased applicant flow, and more importantly the increase has been a more talented pool to start with.”

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