YoCream International Inc. (YOCM)
is strengthening its international business with new distribution partners in Japan and Taiwan. Ocean going containers of YoCream Frozen Yogurt are destined for enjoyment in the Pacific Rim market. The Company has been conducting business in Singapore and Korea and business development activities have began in China.

Recognizing the appeal of true frozen yogurt, interest is gaining and more international customers are embracing the quality of YoCream Frozen Yogurt. “YoCream’s excellence in manufacturing frozen yogurt with high levels of beneficial live and active cultures and outstanding taste and texture is what our international customers are interested in,” says John Hanna, YoCream CEO and chairman of the Board. “The ability to present a delightful probiotic product with good-for-you qualities is globally appealing.”

The chief impediment for international business has been the approval process to meet the stringent requirements set forth on true frozen yogurt. “YoCream Frozen Yogurt has always met these standards,” Hanna says. “The increased demand for our products and the solid business relationships we have established overseas has made completing the arduous process for import approval a practical step to take at this time.” Direct business development activity is complemented by the strength of the Company’s Quality Assurance and Food Safety department. Business is also supported by a global merchant through whom the Company has facilitated sales to Europe for over a decade.

YoCream has experienced remarkable growth in the domestic market, and the Company enjoys business in the U.K., Italy, Germany, Canada, and Mexico.
YoCream International Inc. (YOCM), with headquarters and a dairy and manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon, is a pioneer and leading producer of frozen yogurt, desserts, and beverages. Founded in 1977, YoCream produces, markets, and sells its signature frozen yogurt, tart frozen yogurt, ice cream, and frozen custard mixes under the YoCream brand.

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