YoCream International Inc. announced the launch of Activia Frozen Yogurt, a rich and creamy soft serve frozen yogurt that helps naturally regulate the digestive system. With 100 calories per 4 ounces, nonfat Activia Frozen Yogurt offers people an additional way to enjoy Activia as a dessert or snack. 

Consumers will soon be able to enjoy the frozen yogurt at their favorite frozen yogurt shop or restaurants in four flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach, and Blueberry.

YoCream will premier Activia Frozen Yogurt at the National Restaurant Association show on May 21 in Chicago at Booth #2212, and products will be available through foodservice distribution June 1.

Activia Frozen Yogurt contains the unique probiotic culture Bifidus Regularis (Bifidobacterium lactis DN 173 010) and helps regulate the digestive system when 8 ounces are consumed daily for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. “We want everyone to love the way they feel when they enjoy our delicious new frozen yogurt and see for themselves how Activia helps them,” says Suzanne Gardner, director of marketing at YoCream.

“The flavor profile of Activia Frozen Yogurt tastes more like refrigerated yogurt and will have a strong appeal to consumers that enjoy Activia yogurt every day,” Gardner says. “Our new relationship with Danone and The Dannon Company allows us the opportunity to bring additional products like Activia Frozen Yogurt to consumers in the places where they consume desserts and snacks away from home.”

“Frozen yogurt operators offer eight to 20 flavors at a time, usually in a self-serve environment with lots of topping options,” says Tyler Bargas, director of sales at YoCream. “Offering Activia Frozen Yogurts will help them expand their flavor variety and give consumers the chance to make custom parfaits and sundaes while enjoying the benefits of Activia.”

YoCream specializes in providing better-for-you frozen desserts and beverages to consumers through foodservice outlets like frozen yogurt shops, coffee and smoothie shops, college and healthcare cafeterias, and other restaurants.

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