Yogurtland introduced four new premium purées, made with the ripest summer-picked Oregon Fruit to give guests a new dimension in flavor for their customized treat. Available now at all Yogurtland locations, the four flavors include strawberry, blueberry, peach, and raspberry.

Made from handpicked, fresh Oregon-grown fruit, the new premium purées are bursting with flavor and provide nature’s best treat to add a layer of deliciousness to every yogurt creation. The sweet strawberry premium purée is crafted with only the softest, plumpest strawberries, and pairs divinely with rich vanilla or plain tart frozen yogurt. Lusciously juicy, the blueberry premium puree has big fruit flavor and to kick up the berry-licious taste, pour it on creamy strawberry frozen yogurt. Try the delicate and velvety peach premium purée on top of the classic plain tart frozen yogurt for the most heavenly peaches ‘n’ cream experience. The sweet and tart raspberry premium purée is made even more enticing with the delectable chocolate frozen yogurt.

“These premium purees give our guests even more creative options to customize their Yogurtland flavor experience,” says Phillip Chang, CEO and founder of Yogurtland. “The refreshing and bright flavors of these purées combine well with our creamy frozen yogurt and wide variety of fresh fruit and candy toppings.” 

Continually evolving the popular frozen yogurt trend, Yogurtland has built a growing business by redefining dessert and delivering the ultimate culinary experience. The new line of premium purées, created by Yogurtland’s flavorologists, allow the one-of-a-kind flavors to continue to expand guests’ taste profiles and serve people a variety of toppings to delight every taste bud.

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