Yoshinoya, a Japanese restaurant chain and global brand with more than 1,400 worldwide locations, announced the introduction of a new line of BBQ Short Rib & Chicken Plates to its U.S. menu. These new menu items will feature options of BBQ beef short ribs, BBQ boneless chicken, or a combination of both served on a plate accompanied with original fried rice, yakisoba noodles, and salad.

“We are very excited about the introduction of this new menu category,” says Kwang Ho, menu development specialist for Yoshinoya. “We’ve been testing and refining the BBQ Plates line to perfect the balance of flavors while delivering exceptional value to our guests.”

The BBQ Plates launch represents the first Yoshinoya entrée item to go beyond its signature rice bowl format. Since the opening of the first Yoshinoya restaurant in the U.S. in 1979, the Yoshinoya America menu has primarily featured Chicken Bowls, the classic Beef Bowl, the Shrimp Bowl, and the Combination Bowl.

The BBQ Chicken Plate, the Beef Short Rib Plate, and the combination BBQ Beef Short Rib and Chicken Plate will be introduced at most locations by the end of August.