Your Pie will hold the brand’s 5th annual celebration of Pi(e) Day on March 14. The holiday to celebrate pi, the mathematical symbol that gives pizza its shape, has become a Your Pie tradition.

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, which equates to roughly 3.14, thus the celebration on March 14 where Your Pie will be offering their signature customizable pies for just $3.14.

“At Your Pie, we’re partial to circles and don’t buy into Huey Lewis’s claim that it’s ‘hip to be square’,” says Drew French, founder of Your Pie. “While pi is an irrational number, I promise that we are of sound mind when offering this deal. But we are crazy about pizza.”

What would the world be like without pi? Driving to work on square wheels would be troublesome. Getting hit with a Frisbee would hurt a lot more. The “Olympic frames” wouldn’t quite have the same ring to it—or literally any ring for that matter.

Most devastating though would be a world without Your Pie’s hand-tossed, oven-fired pizza.

“Just like we were the first to combine the freedom of customizable toppings with a fast-casual pizza format, we were the first to offer this mathematically beautiful deal to our customers,” French says.

A $3.14 Your Pie consists of a pizza with a sauce, cheese, and any of Your Pie’s veggies. Gluten-free dough, extra cheese, and premium ingredients are extra.  The promotion is for dine-in only.  Call in orders and online order will not be taken on Pi(e) Day. Customers can ask their local store for details on maximum orders per person.


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