Your Pie, the originator of the down-the-line pizza category, will hold the brand’s seventh annual celebration of Pi(e) Day on March 14. The holiday honoring pi (or π), the mathematical symbol that gives pizza its shape, will be celebrated at the brand’s 21 locations across four states.

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, which equates to roughly 3.14, thus the celebration on 3/14 and Your Pie offering a $3.14 discount on all orders. Your Pie will also be toasting the holiday by offering Your Pi(e)nts of craft beer for $3.14.

“There are nearly as many different combinations of toppings you can get at Your Pie as there are digits of pi,” says Drew French, founder of Your Pie. “Though pi, the number, is irrational, we consider our incredible love of pizza to be completely rational.”

The Pi(e) Day annual tradition has become the brand’s biggest day of the year, with sales increasing by nearly 300 percent greater than an average day the previous two years of the promotion. Individual locations enjoyed up to a 585-percent increase in sales compared to an average day in 2014.

“Just like we were the first to combine the freedom of customizable toppings with a fast-casual pizza format, we were the first to offer this mathematically beautiful deal to our customers,” French says. “Your Pie fans have helped us celebrate for six years and just like pi, the relationship between Your Pie fans and our local franchise owners has been a beautiful ratio.”

During the one-day promotion, all customers will receive a $3.14-off discount on their Your Pie order. The promotion is for dine-in only. Call-in orders and online orders will not be taken on Pi(e) Day.

Your Pie will also be celebrating Pi(e) Day across social media platforms. Customers can pick up their official Pi(e) Day sticker through the March 14 holiday, then snap a picture and post it with the #YourPieDay hashtag to win free Your Pie swag. The brand will engage social media fans with additional fun posts to support the campaign. 

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