Industry News | October 10, 2013

Z-Burger Serves Up 15,840 Free Burgers to Furloughed Workers

Z-Burger, the burger chain with six locations across Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, ended its free burger promotion for furloughed government workers on the night of October 3. Since the shutdown, federal workers from across the region showed up in mass at four Washington, D.C. locations, waiting in long lines for free burgers.

“I saw a lot of friendships being made while the customers waited on line and then joined each other for their meals,” syas Peter Tabibian, owner of Z-Burger. “Even though this cost me a lot of money, the thousands of people who thanked Z-Burger both here and on social media were well worth it. I only wish that the politicians would come to Z-Burger and sit down and figure out a way to get these great people back to work.”

Since Tabiban announced the offer for furloughed workers on September 30, lines of more than 200 people stretched out in front of the four locations for both lunch and dinner for three days. The company reported a total of 15,840 burgers served to furloughed workers, estimated to have cost $88,000. 

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