Industry News | April 7, 2010

Zaxby's New Zalads Are Dressed To Impress

Zaxby’s launched a few new menu items this week with the introduction of its new Milkshakes line and Roadhouse Zalad. Emmy Award-winning actress Jaime Pressly will appear in TV commercials to support the new releases. Pressly is best known for her television role on “My Name Is Earl” and is one of a long list of celebrities that has been tapped by Zaxby’s in recent years for its popular ad campaign.

The milkshakes, which come in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors, are hand-blended and topped with whipped cream. “These rich and creamy milkshakes are a great new option for our guests looking for something sweet after their meal or just a delicious, anytime snack,” says Zach McLeroy, CEO and co-founder of Zaxby’s.

Additionally, for a limited time, Zaxby’s will boost its lineup of prepared-at-order salads with the Southwestern-inspired Roadhouse Zalad. The Roadhouse features slow-roasted flavor with a Southwestern grilled chicken breast, a blend of fire-roasted corn, black beans, sweet peppers, crispy potato sticks, and cheddar and jack cheeses served on a bed of fresh greens with a side of the new signature Roadhouse dressing.

All of the Zalads at Zaxby’s are assembled at the time the order is placed, versus being pre-made and stored in a cooler.

St. John & Partners, Zaxby’s agency of record since 2003, created the award-winning campaign that began by capturing real people’s unscripted reactions to eating Zaxby’s food. The creative team for the television spots included David Bonner, executive creative director; Mike D’Abreu, copywriter; Robert Haines, art director; and Connie Atkinson, director of broadcast production. The celebrity spots were directed by Randy Hackett, shot at MPS Studios in Dallas and edited by Radium in Dallas. The spots can be viewed starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 2, at


After viewing your ad on Telivision my wife and I decided we wanted to try the Roadhouse zalad, the display on the drive thru showed the same as viewed on tv. we ordered and picked up at window. Upon arriving home and preparing to eat we discovered it didn't contain the corn, black beans or sweet peppers. We live several miles from the store so decided to go ahead and eat it like it was, we enjoyed what we had but would like to have gotten what we expected . This may be something local or the just neglected to put those items on. If it is something local they should inform the customers that it doesn't come with those items at this location.Store Location Beaufort, South Carolina 0158 #party 1Javetta r Srv Ck 137 1:52 PM 08/17/12Ernest Zeringue3041 Huron DrBeaufort SC 29902

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