Zenput Introduces New IoT Solutions for Multi-Unit Operators

    Industry News | October 3, 2019

    Zenput, a global leader in operations execution solutions, announced the introduction of the Zenput Connected Store, which integrates in-store IoT devices with the company’s core platform. The expanded offering includes Zenput Temp Monitoring, which feeds signals from temperature sensor devices into Zenput and gives multi-unit operators real-time visibility into food safety conditions.

    “Every day, we have field and store employees feeding more than 1.3 million updates into our core platform about task completion, food safety procedures, compliance with brand standards and more across tens of thousands of stores,” says Zenput CEO Vladik Rikhter. “With our Connected Store initiative, we’re now capturing a range of additional signals from across a brand’s operation to improve employee productivity and help ops leaders stay a step ahead of potential issues.”

    The Zenput Connected Store makes available to customers of Zenput’s core operations execution platform a range of capabilities:

    Zenput Temp Monitoring automatically logs temperatures of make lines, walk-in coolers, and other equipment, and alerts staff or management if they go out of range

    Zenput Labels ensures that every store is using food labels with the correct expiration dates, and that employees can easily print them in seconds

    Bluetooth Thermometer Sync enables staff to use probes to automatically capture temperatures of food in their Zenput forms via bluetooth connection

    “Zenput gives us a complete, centralized view of what happens and needs to happen in every store every day,” says Gary George, director of operations for MM Subs, a Jersey Mike’s franchisee. “Now with the ability to automatically monitor and receive alerts for our equipment temperatures, we’re reducing the risk of product being spoiled while freeing up staff to refocus their time on other work.”

    “Zenput has increased our confidence in food safety practices and record keeping across all of our stores,” adds Stephanie Siegwald, operations development director at RPM Pizza, Domino’s largest franchisee in the U.S. “A critical aspect of that is Zenput Labels, which automates and makes it easy to print critical dates and details at every step of our food preparation process.”

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