It should come as no surprise that the CDC identifies washing hands as the most important step in preventing the spread of infection. In the food retail and service industries, clean hands are also a key step in preventing product contamination. 

This is why an effective hand care platform is a critical component in the fight against germs to keep both food and employees in the food industry safe.

Fuzion represents a modern, holistic hand care approach that provides an unrivaled defense against mangy microbes and bothersome bacteria. The system combines Zep’s new line of attractive dispensers and environmentally friendly soaps with world class Zep Rep customer service to provide a complete hand hygiene solution.

Fuzion Dispensers

Fuzion dispensers are designed to perform well in adverse environmental conditions like food plants, where high humidity or extreme cold are common. They deliver a single shot per hand wash, with consistent dispensing that cost-effectively delivers more washes per bottle: 1700 hand washes per bottle of foaming hand soap and up to 6800 washes per case.

Fuzion Touchless, a premium no-touch technology dispenser, ensures that workers do not transfer microbes from their hands to the dispenser. All Fuzion dispensers are guaranteed for one year, are ADA compliant and feature a friendly reminder: “Stay Healthy. Wash your Hands.”

Fuzion Hand Soap Products:

A diverse selection of Fuzion hand soap products meet almost any hand hygiene need. The Foaming E-2 hand soap is ideal for critical areas such as the RTE (ready to eat) processing area and is designed for use in all departments of USDA-regulated food processing environments. Foaming E-2 will kill 99.99 percent of common foodborne microbes, including Listeria, E-coli, and Salmonella.

Zep FS Antimicrobial Hand Cleaner is a non-iodine antimicrobial hand cleaner and sanitizer designed to eliminate cross-contamination in food processing facilities. This soap can be used as a USDA E-2 type hand cleaner in federally inspected meat, poultry, and egg processing plants, as well as dairy farms and bakeries. FS Antimicrobial is chlorine- and PCMX-free, and leaves no residual odor.

The Fuzion line of products also includes popular foaming soaps, liquid soaps, and both alcohol- and non-alcohol based sanitizer gels. Fuzion products are formulated to be versatile and can be used in bathrooms, gym showers, kitchens, classrooms, and other settings where germs may lurk.

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