Ziggi’s Coffee introduced new agave straws as it transitions away from plastic ones to those made from environmentally sustainable materials. The 26-unit Colorado-based coffee franchise has partnered with The Sustainable Agave Company, which produces biodegradable products made from the remnants of the agave plant used to make tequila.

According to Eco-Cycle, a non-profit recycler and Zero Waste organization, Americans use 500 million straws every day. Those plastic straws, typically made from polypropylene, get broken down into “microplastics,” which eventually end up contributing to a dire situation for our oceans and global environment. 

“As a company that utilizes plastics, we are taking steps and doing what we can to reduce the amount that goes back into our environment,” says Brandon Knudsen, Co-Founder and president of Ziggi’s Coffee. “After implementing sip-through lids at all of our stores in 2018 – ahead of Starbucks, we are excited to offer a sustainable straw alternative to give customers eco-friendly options.” 

Sourcing the new straws took several months, as the company looked at various types, including ones made from paper. Through testing, Knudsen says, they found that the agave straws had a sturdiness similar to plastic that prevented it from breaking down over time and becoming soggy like paper straws.

“The quality of the agave straws is unparalleled. They are organic, gluten-free and can hold up in both hot and cold beverages,” says Knudsen.

The company is beginning to phase out plastic straws from all its stores, which should be completed by the end of the year.

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