Ziggi’s Coffee signed a three-unit deal with two self-made businessmen in Sacramento, California, expanding the presence of the rapidly growing drive-thru coffee franchise.

Keith Goodman and Martez Conner began their metal recycling business 15 years ago. With a pick-up truck and 300 bucks, they unknowingly set out to build what would become a million-dollar company that would eventually fund even bigger aspirations. From restoration franchises to coffee franchises, Goodman and Martez are investing their self-made fortune into lucrative business deals that are sure to keep their legacy growing for years to come.

“All of the businesses we invest in are essential and Ziggi’s Coffee is no exception,” says Goodman. “This pandemic has woken me up and made me realize the advantages of having a business that can stand on its own even through hard times.”

Self-employed since he was 18, Goodman has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a keen sense for golden opportunities. When he and Martez discovered Ziggi’s Coffee, their excitement grew for the possibilities of getting into a company on the ground floor.

“We like franchises because we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and we like Ziggi’s because it’s a business that’s growing and we want to be a part of that,” adds Goodman. “Our plan is to open as many locations as they’ll let us. That’s why we bought the 3-pack and once we get our third location open, we’ll be buying another 3-pack. Wherever they’ll let us put one, we’ll keep building them.”

Goodman and Martez are working with the company’s real estate team on site selection. Ziggi’s Coffee currently has a location in development in the Citrus Heights area, just east of Sacramento.

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