Industry News

Store is the largest U-SWIRL to date at 3,000 square feet.
Names new senior vice presidents of human resources and corporate communications.
May's Teriyaki Chicken, a Hawaiian staple, added to Famous Bowls.
Five restaurants planned for the next five years.
New store opens on Bagdat Avenue in Istanbul.
Flavor now available for drink fountains nationwide.
Top kids menu items still include chicken fingers, grilled cheese, burgers, and hot dogs.
Panco transport holding cabinets produced for heating and proofing processes.
Select new food choices to be given away on the street at lunchtime in the Windy City.
Italian Ice concept gives away $25,000, trip to Mexico.
Olson Communications awards Laura Vaughn of Washburne Culinary Institute with $1,500 grant.
Grape and Watermelon are the new flavors for the frozen slush drink.
Held November 9 and 10 in Miami, event brings together more than 300 exhibitors from 18 countries.
Gives away free Lemonade Mixer coupons online for National Lemonade Day.
One North Carolina brand uses both to deliver great product to loyal customers and drum up business.
Shawn Boyer tells operators in his new book, Help Wanted & Help Found, how managing employees correctly can boost the bottom line.