House of Marketing Research

    2555 East Colorado Blvd., Suite 205
    United States

    Recognized as one of the leading business decision insight firms in the food and beverage category, House of Marketing Research combines a highly experienced staff of researchers with a mix of innovative and proven approaches to answer pressing business issues. House of Marketing Research combine primary and connected data from multiple sources to create holistic and actionable analytic stories for their clients. House of Marketing Research empathically connects brands with the customers they serve, transforming the brand-to-consumer relationship into a human-to-human one. House of Marketing Research helps R&D and marketers to succeed through:
    *In-store and online studies to better understand customer behavior, in both physical and online contexts.
    *Qualitative studies to develop, screen and refine new product and packaging concepts.
    *Quantitative studies to pre-test and quantify new packaging, merchandising and display systems (for physical stores and online).
    *Conduct research in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.
    *Sensory Testing - Nationwide taste testing capabilities.