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The Secret Recipe

How important is crew culture to Biscuitville’s success? It’s huge. They’re the contact point for the customer. For us it’s about making the day better. And that really starts from the top down. Our feedback from our customers is that we have very friendly and personable crew, and it really starts when you hire that […]

How Subway Went Global

The day QSR interviewed Subway’s director of development, Don Fertman, the sandwich chain was celebrating. It had just hit the 32,000-store mark the day before, and the company showed no signs of slowing. In fact, Fertman confidently predicted that by the time the article ran, the chain would have added close to 500 more stores. […]

Why People Quit

Turnover isn’t a simple behavior. People leave jobs for all kinds of reasons. While it’s easy to claim money is the reason people leave fast-food jobs, that’s only true some of the time. Take my job at Burger King. I started on a Tuesday. I was replacing a girl who started on Monday. She quit […]

Bites Out of the Bottom Line

Between 2006 and 2007 the checks written to CEOs in every industry super-sized. The median compensation for leaders of S&P 500 companies rose 23.57 percent, according to a study by The Corporate Library, a corporate data research firm. But now, as the cost of everything from beef to buns continues to rise while consumers hold […]