GiftAMeal, an innovative cause-marketing program that turns customer photos into meals for local families in need, has had a banner year of growth this year. They officially doubled their number of restaurant partners since 2022, increasing from 300 to over 700 partners, cementing GiftAMeal’s position as a standout player in the industry.

Since 2022, GiftAMeal’s geographical reach has expanded from five states to an impressive 35 states. The program’s growth rate in 2023 is 267% faster than it was in 2022. With over 200 new restaurant partners in just the last two months, the brand has no plans to slow down.

In addition, they were the recent Grand Prize winner of Amazon Business’ 2023 Small Business Grant, which awarded GiftAMeal a grand prize of $25,000 – chosen from among 35,000 national applicants.

Most importantly, GiftAMeal just reached an astonishing 1.5 million meals provided to families in need.

“This year holds tremendous significance for GiftAMeal,” says Andrew Glantz, CEO and Founder of GiftAMeal. “Not only have we seen a remarkable surge in restaurant partnerships, we’ve also surpassed 1.5 million meals donated. The level of enthusiasm and support behind GiftAMeal has never been stronger, and we are excited to extend our reach to support more communities across the country.”

GiftAMeal’s growing list of restaurant partners encompasses a wide range of establishments. The program partners with beloved local gems like Anthonino’s Taverna, franchisees like Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group which operates 20 Red Robin locations in Pennsylvania, mall food courts like West County Center, and system-wide chains like Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken with 130 locations.

These partnerships have proven beneficial for both food banks and restaurants alike. Restaurant partners have seen guests using GiftAMeal return 39% more frequently, spend 20% more per visit, and tip 32% more than standard guests — as GiftAMeal guests are building an emotional connection with the restaurants’ brand and attribute the feel good experience created by GiftAMeal to the restaurant.

“GiftAMeal’s growth has been truly remarkable! Groucho’s Deli is honored to partner with and contribute to the growth of the footprint of this initiative. With GiftAMeal, we are experiencing the extraordinary potential of collective effort, as our customers actively contribute to creating a positive difference in the lives of those in need in each community we serve,” says Deric Rosenbaum, President of Groucho’s Deli, which has all 29 locations participating in GiftAMeal. 

GiftAMeal’s impressive growth trajectory is aided by its distinguished Advisory Board, which comprises industry veterans and thought-leaders. The board includes Phil Crawford, CTO of CKE Restaurants; Andrew Rebhun, Chief Experience Officer of CAVA; Dan Sokolik, Vice President of Marketing of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken; and Seth Hall, an experienced sales and partnership expert in the hospitality industry.

“GiftAMeal’s remarkable expansion is a clear testament to its distinctive vision and unwavering dedication to tackling food insecurity, all while boosting the success of local businesses. My experience serving on their advisory board has provided me with firsthand insight into how their platform is transforming the landscape of hunger relief in communities throughout the country,” says Phil Crawford, Chief Technology Officer at CKE (Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s).

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