PRIMO Partners, the only Black-owned/Black-led multi-unit franchise group of Ben & Jerry’s, along with other enterprises, has announced that Jade Hedgeman-Chioke will be stepping into the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With sights set on increasing their store count and furthering opportunities for black entrepreneurship, the addition of this position comes at an opportune time.

Hedgeman-Chioke started her illustrious career by obtaining a degree in marketing communications. Since then, she has amassed over 13 years in marketing and sales experience across several industries such as media + entertainment, non-profits, and consumer goods. Being a fan of the Ben & Jerry’s brand was how she was initially introduced to PRIMO Partners, and after learning more about PRIMO’s founding story and mission, Hedgeman-Chioke knew joining the team was the perfect fit. 

“PRIMO Partners has accomplished so much since its inception, and I am excited to bring my experience to its mission of improving racial and socioeconomic equity,” Hedgeman-Chioke says. “With the marketing and sales world ever-changing, being a part of an organization prioritizing continuous evolution thriving on innovation and stepping outside of the norm allows for greater opportunities to make a stronger impact in the communities it serves.” 

As the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hedgeman-Chioke plans to use her passion and expertise in the field to build upon the overall marketing strategy to drive revenue and increase awareness of the PRIMO Partners brand. 

“Jade is definitely the right person to help take team PRIMO to the next level,” says Antonio McBroom, CEO, Visionary and Co-founder of PRIMO Partners. “Like everyone who joins the PRIMO family, I see an ambition and fire within her to make a difference in the world for aspiring Black business owners. Her passion and dedication shines through the work she does every day.”

Nearly 15 years ago, PRIMO Partners was co-founded by Antonio McBroom, CEO and Visionary, and Eric Taylor, CFO, after they partnered together to purchase the Ben & Jerry’s location McBroom worked at in North Carolina. Now, the team of owners has doubled in size with the addition of Phillip Scotton, COO/Integrator, and Josiah Fisher, VP of Operations, and grown to 15 Ben & Jerry’s locations open and operating, and have one in development. 

As a 100 percent black-owned business, PRIMO Partners are on a mission to break down barriers for Black entrepreneurship and business ownership challenges faced in marginalized communities. Using their business as a vessel to help bridge the generational wealth gap for minorities, they donate a percentage of their revenues every year to support communities and organizations, providing access to education, consulting, mentorship, resources and more to aspiring Black entrepreneurs and business owners. They also use two percent of revenue each year for staff development to build future leaders and business owners. 

“The PRIMO story is inspiring and truly resonated with my passions and beliefs,” adds Hedgeman-Chioke. “My career started within a youth development program and greatly surrounded mentorship. I look forward to being able to continue to play a mentor role, and helping others live out their dreams alongside the PRIMO team.”

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