Top Employee Management News

Still No Restaurant Growth, NRA Reports

National Restaurant Association’s comprehensive index of restaurant activity remained below 100 for the fourth consecutive month in August, essentially unchanged from the previous three months.

McDonald’s Lines Up New Executive VP

Steve Easterbrook promoted from president and CEO of McDonald’s United Kingdom and president of Europe’s Northern Division to McDonald’s executive vice president and global chief brand officer.

Your Top 40 Hiring Questions

Between tracking food costs, trying to bring in more cash-strapped customers, and abiding by the new health care requirements, proper hiring practices can fall by the wayside on the list of day-to-day tasks operators face. But one wrong hire can have devastating consequences. Best-case scenario: They quit in a week, wasting your time and money. […]

The Secret Recipe

How important is crew culture to Biscuitville’s success? It’s huge. They’re the contact point for the customer. For us it’s about making the day better. And that really starts from the top down. Our feedback from our customers is that we have very friendly and personable crew, and it really starts when you hire that […]