Whether it’s receiving pictures of exes on Valentine’s Day or covering the Whopper with mold to prove the removal of preservatives, Burger King has been no stranger to pushing the envelope this year.

This time around, the fast-food chain is offering some customers a deal that’s almost beyond belief—a Snack Box comprising 10-piece nuggets, medium fries, one cheeseburger, and one small soft drink.

All for $2.

The website promotes the Snack Box with a price of $3, but some users have access to a cheaper deal. Burger King told media outlets that it’s available for app users who haven’t been active in the past 90 days. The chain has also offered Whoppers for as low as $1 on its app.

The deal initiated a social media storm earlier in the week, with several users taken aback by the value. 

Since the onset of COVID in March, convenience has become a priority for customers. In response, brands have placed an emphasis on their digital presence and harped the importance of attracting new customers and building their loyalty base.

The new offer comes on the heels of McDonald’s recent collaboration with hip-hop artist Travis Scott, which resulted in a nationwide shortage. It’s the first time McDonald’s has teamed up with a celebrity since Michael Jordan in the 90s. The deal is now available exclusively through the app until October 4. The fast-food chain also recently rolled out Spicy McNuggets.

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