McDonald’s Experience of the Future redesign is getting a $6 billion boost. The company announced Tuesday in a series of separate statements that, along with its franchisees, it plans to invest $6 billion in total to modernize most of its U.S. units by 2020. The statements outlined McDonald’s plans for 2018 and 2019.

The revamp includes digital self-order kiosks, remodeled counters for new table service, bright and easy-to-read digital menu boards, designated parking sports for curbside pick-up through mobile order and pay, and expanded McCafé counters and larger display cases.

In one article, a 16-unit McDonald’s franchisee in Camarillo, California, told The Los Angeles Times that the changes would not result in job losses, and could even represent a potential increase in opportunities.

Among the investments:

  • McDonald’s and franchisees are pouring about $320 million in New York to modernize more than 360 restaurants.
  • California is getting a $390 million upgrade for 550 locations.
  • They are investing $163 million in Virginia for more than 250 restaurants.
  • McDonald’s is forking up about $214 million in North Carolina for more than 430 restaurants.
  • Texas will be home to a $448 million investment for 840 restaurants.
  • McDonald’s plans $317 million for 410 spots in Illinois.
  • The company is investing $19 million in Washington, D.C., for more than 15 units.
  • Maryland is getting $104 million for 135 restaurants.
  • McDonald’s is spending $251 million in Ohio for 380 restaurants.
  • It’s investing $143 million in Massachusetts for 140 restaurants.
  • Indiana and 270 restaurants are costing $168 million.
  • Florida is receiving an investment of $186 million for 240 restaurants.
  • McDonald’s plans $170 million in Georgia for 340 restaurants.
  • The company is investing $266 million in Pennsylvania for 360 restaurants.

McDonald’s posted its slowest U.S. same-store sales growth in over a year in the second quarter, with domestic comps lifting 2.6 percent at units open for at least 13 months. The gains still gave the chain 12 consecutive quarters of positive same-store sales.

McDonald’s has made significant progress on its Experience of the Future redesign in recent months. It converted 1,300 restaurants to the look in a 90-day Q2 stretch. That measures to roughly 10 additional restaurants every day. At the end of Q2, McDonald’s had more than 5,000 updated units, north of one-third of its U.S. footprint.

“When it’s a full modernization [Experience of the Future] here in the U.S., we’re getting mid-single digit sales uplifts,” CEO Steve Easterbrook said at the time. “When it’s just adding the EOTF elements on modernized restaurant, we’re still getting 1 to 2 percent uplift.”

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