Taco Bell announced last month that it was bringing back its iconic Coin Drop fundraising game from the Y2K era with a digital twist in the Taco Bell mobile app. Since its launch on July 11, Taco Bell has raised $182,000 for the Taco Bell Foundation.  

Over the past month, Taco Bell customers have had the opportunity to try their hand at winning some of their favorite menu items by playing the Coin Drop game after Rounding Up in the app. Thanks to these hungry fans and their average donation of $0.42, an impressive $182K will now go directly to the Taco Bell Foundation to fund Community Grants and Live Más Scholarship for fans and team members.  

Coin Drop’s return has earned widespread praise from nostalgia-seeking fans as Taco Bell continues to marry the best of tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Fans everywhere have taken to Twitter and Reddit to share their tips and tricks for conquering the game, and while it may be going away, stay tuned to have another shot at winning. 

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