No longer are online orders and takeout orders restricted to chains or pizza establishments. Today, with the right POS system it is possible for any type of dining establishment to offer the convenience of online ordering and takeout orders to their patrons. Whether you want to operate your dining establishment exclusively with online orders and takeout orders or you simply want to offer this as an extra convenience, it is important to make sure you have the right point-of-sale system. Online ordering and takeout restaurants can present special challenges in terms of keeping orders straight and ensuring that prices are handled accurately.

Here are the ins and outs of online ordering and takeout POS systems:

Easier Order Processing

With a point-of-sale system for your takeout business, you can take advantage of the opportunity to have takeout orders sent directly to your POS system. This helps to improve order accuracy while reducing the risk for errors. Not only does this make things easier for your staff, but it also sets the stage for improved customer service and making customers happier. Automated takeout payments help to eliminate payment delays and mistakes. With automated order processing and payment processing, staff can be more productive.

Improved Customer Service

With so many consumers now online, the provision of online ordering capabilities gives you the chance to offer your customers a new convenience. This translates to higher customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty. With an easy-to-use customer interface, customer experience is increased while stimulating the potential for larger takeout orders.

Opportunity for Cross-Selling

A robust takeout ordering point-of-sale system can also present the opportunity for increased cross-selling by providing information on daily specials, suggestive selling. The ability to tap into customer order history can also present the chance to increase customer check averages.

Finding the Right Online Ordering and Takeout POS

Whether you call it carryout, takeout, or a to-go order, the idea of customers picking up or even having their orders delivered is a convenience that has grown in popularity. Many customers today are looking for dining options that allow them to enjoy the convenience of a meal already prepared that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home. To-go and online order options can now be offered by all types of restaurants, including full-scale dining establishments. In order to operate a successful takeout business, you must ensure proper order entry and packaging. The process of finding a point-of-sale system that meets all of your needs for online ordering or takeout orders for your restaurant should focus on several key measures.

Ease of Use

One of the factors to consider when looking for a POS system for online ordering or takeout is ensuring that the system you choose will not have a large learning curve. Your POS system should be easy enough to use that your employees do not need to spend a lot of time taking orders and checking out customers.

Order Flexibility

A complete POS system for online orders and takeout orders should provide the flexibility you need to handle online orders, phoned-in orders and walk-in orders. Such systems should also provide the capability for caller ID support to allow for recalling customer information. This can prove to be helpful in situations in which customers are running late to pick up their orders or if you need to call the customer back to clarify the order. For regular customers, a one-touch previous order duplication feature gives staff the ability to input orders from regulars quickly and easily. For online orders, it is important that the POS system offer apps that will allow customers to place orders via their tablets or smartphones.

Delivery Order Support

In situations in which your restaurant provides delivery of orders, you may find it helpful to ensure that the POS system you select includes a variety of features for making deliveries easier and faster. Such features might include delivery tracking and dispatching as well as support for choosing the best routes. Driver management can also help to ensure that orders are delivered in the most efficient manner possible while helping staff to be productive. In order to hold delivery drivers accountable, features such as tracking for delivery driver departure and arrival can prove to be helpful. Other helpful features for online order POS systems include delivery box label printing and even a delivery visual map display to help drivers.

Required Hardware

In considering a POS system for online ordering and takeout, it is important to consider how many stations that you need to set up. In a two-station setup for your restaurant, you would require two touch screen monitors as well as two receipt printers along with a cash drawer and a credit card reader for orders that are paid for by credit card or debit card. A computer will also be necessary.

When purchasing a point-of-sale system for your takeout restaurant, it is important to make certain that it will provide you with the abilities that you need.

Nicole Bryan is the digital content writer for Sterling Payment Technologies, a payment processing company based in Tampa, Florida. Sterling is a payment processer that offers solutions that help grow their customers’ businesses more profitably and efficiently.
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