The COVID-19 crisis has necessitated changes in behavior in all of us. These behavioral changes, which include staying at home, social distancing and wearing a mask while grocery shopping are necessary, but life altering. While these will hopefully become a thing of the past at some point, they have altered the way we think now and will think in the future. For savvy restaurant brands, this change in thinking represents a big opportunity to better connect with and engage their customers. The mechanism for capitalizing on this big opportunity is Innovative Pandemic Packaging [IPP]. 

What is IPP?

IPP is innovative packaging designed specifically for the current pandemic environment that is empathetic, comforting, convenient, and helpful. IPP combines branding, copy, graphics, and packaging structure that delivers a safe, reassuring and memorable customer experience that generates increased customer loyalty.

Why IPP is needed?

IPP is a way for restaurant brands to stay connected and generate positive brand awareness and equity with customers during the current pandemic. As delivery and contactless pickup continue to be the dominant service models, they don’t provide a strong connection to the brand, which is critical in reinforcing and building customer confidence and engagement.

IPP Delivers Meaningful Benefits

For restaurant customers, IPP can provide helpfulness, added convenience, empathy and safety reassurance during today’s uncertain and trying times.

For restaurant brands and operators, the benefits are immediate and ongoing, these being increased goodwill and brand equity and top-of-mind brand awareness now and in the post-pandemic environment. IPP is much more than a product “carrier” that is thrown out after the meal is consumed. It is a superior marketing tool for building the brand.

Where to start?

IPP starts with truly understanding the annoyances, shortcomings, and problems customers have with your current food and beverage packaging. These are the things they really want to change. As such, these become the strategic direction and driving force behind your IPP development program.

Lastly, it is important not to confuse innovation with unique. Unique is being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else. Whereas innovation consists of a new idea, method or way of doing something, all of which are highly achievable. That being said, what are you waiting for?

Tom Cook is a Principal at King-Casey, a leading restaurant and foodservice consultancy located in Westport, CT. King-Casey’s focus is on improving the restaurant and foodservice customer experience and offers a wide range of services for achieving this. Tom can be reached at

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