Make Good Lemonade, a revolutionary restaurant consulting company, is thrilled to announce its official launch, today, July 17. With a mission to simplify restaurant technology and drive project success, Make Good Lemonade is set to transform the industry by empowering restaurant brands to fully understand and maximize their technological investments.

In today’s rapidly evolving restaurant landscape, it is crucial for brands to embrace technology effectively. Make Good Lemonade understands this need and takes pride in helping restaurant brands navigate the complexities of technology integration. By offering strategic guidance and project management assistance, they ensure that technology projects are not only initiated but successfully completed. Make Good Lemonade believes in “getting it done” and takes a hands-on approach to see projects through to their full realization.

“Our commitment to our clients goes beyond simply providing advice and recommendations. We are dedicated to seeing projects through to completion, ensuring that our clients achieve their goals and realize the full potential of their technology investments,” says Crystina Clauson, Founder and CEO of Make Good Lemonade. “We are passionate about driving project success and delivering tangible results that enhance our clients’ operations and profitability.”

Make Good Lemonade recognizes that understanding technology is key to maximizing its benefits. By communicating in plain language and breaking down projects into bite-sized pieces, they demystify complex technical concepts and empower restaurant brands to grasp the full potential of their technology solutions. Through their expert guidance and comprehensive training resources, Make Good Lemonade equips restaurant brands with the knowledge and skills to leverage technology effectively.

Another key aspect of Make Good Lemonade’s approach is their commitment to partnering with technology companies to assist with client-side implementations. By leveraging their expertise and industry insights, Make Good Lemonade acts as a bridge between restaurant brands and technology providers, ensuring seamless integration and successful implementation of technology solutions. This strategic partnership approach allows Make Good Lemonade to deliver holistic and comprehensive support to their clients.

Additionally, Make Good Lemonade is well-versed in horizontal integrations, department creation, cross-functional process improvement, and implementation. They leverage their deep understanding of restaurant operations to develop customized strategies that align with clients’ goals and challenges. By fostering collaboration and synergy across various departments, Make Good Lemonade helps restaurant brands optimize their operations and elevate the overall guest experience.

Make Good Lemonade is excited to begin accepting clients on July 17th, 2023. With their unwavering commitment to project success, their ability to demystify technology, and their dedication to partnering with technology companies, Make Good Lemonade is poised to become a trusted ally for restaurant brands seeking to unlock the full potential of their technology investments.

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