GiftAMeal, an innovative cause-marketing program that turns customer photos into meals for local families in need, announced strategic integrations with industry leaders Olo, Incentivio, Lunchbox, Thanx, Ovation, and Performance Foodservice. These integrations open new avenues for restaurants to engage customers, drive social impact, and enhance the dining experience.

Typically, to participate in GiftAMeal, guests simply scan a QR code to launch the program, take a photo of their food or drink order, and GiftAMeal makes a restaurant-funded donation to a local food bank to help provide a meal to a family in need. Guests are then invited to share their photo on social media to provide additional meals. Over 700 restaurants are involved and over 1.5 million meals have been provided so far.

These new integrations provide the ability for GiftAMeal to seamlessly integrate into a restaurant’s tech-stack in a plug-and-play manner. See all integrations here:

GiftAMeal is proud to collaborate with top-tier partners, each contributing unique capabilities to elevate the dining experience for patrons and support communities in need.

Olo Integration

At the end of their online ordering experience via Olo, customers can be given a prompt with a button to launch the GiftAMeal experience in a branded, mobile-friendly web-view.

Incentivio, Lunchbox, Thanx Integrations

Restaurants that utilize Incentivio, Lunchbox, and Thanx now have the ability to add a GiftAMeal button within their white-labeled mobile apps. This keeps the customer in the restaurant’s ecosystem, and adds a socially-conscious element to their apps to complement their loyalty programs.

Ovation Integration

Patrons can now launch the Ovation guest feedback survey at the end of their GiftAMeal photo-sharing experience, enabling restaurants to gather valuable insights. Similarly, patrons can launch the GiftAMeal experience at the end of their Ovation interaction, promoting social responsibility.

Performance Foodservice Partnership

Through the partnership with Performance Foodservice, GiftAMeal becomes a OneSource partner, offering a custom solution tailored to the needs of their client restaurants.

With these integrations, GiftAMeal not only amplifies their reach, they also allow more patrons to easily participate in the fight against hunger.

Says Ovation Founder and CEO Zack Oates, “Teaming up with GiftAMeal packs a powerful one-two punch, providing exceptional value to our restaurant clients and their guests. Ovation offers valuable guest feedback to the restaurant, while GiftAMeal makes guests feel great about choosing the restaurant and motivates them to share their positive experiences with friends. Together, we’re not only delivering key insights to enhance the customer experience, but also creating a meaningful impact in local communities.”

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