HungerRush, the leading cloud software provider for the restaurant industry, announced that Jet’s Pizza, a leading pizza franchise brand servicing hundreds of locations, has fulfilled five million orders via HungerRush’s OrderAI Text and Talk.

Jet’s started with OrderAI Text in 2019 and has since quickly fulfilled four million orders with the text-to-order feature. The user adoption of text-based ordering for the brand has grown tremendously. Since 2022, Jet’s fulfilled more than two million orders using OrderAI Text.

In December 2021, Jet’s started its pilot with HungerRush’s OrderAI Talk, an AI-powered phone bot, which has now already passed one million orders and is now in 240 stores in 20 states. Currently, Jet’s is earning $6 million a month from using the technologies across its store locations. Many employees and owners at locations using the technology have noted it has been essential in decreasing stress caused by the workplace.

“One of the biggest concerns we were hearing from franchisees was getting enough applications in the door, so we addressed this with technology. OrderAI can take infinite phone calls, which is instrumental in getting employees off the phones and back into the fun part of the job – making delicious pizzas!” says Aaron Nilsson, CIO of Jet’s Pizza.

Aaron continued, “We’ve also seen less turnover as work stress has been reduced. Technology has created a better work environment and, let’s be honest, it’s really fun for our customers to use! Engaging and leveraging technologies such as AI and ML are not optional anymore. We see them as key competitive differentiators that position us as a market leader. With this type of technology, we have been able to significantly elevate our brand.”

HungerRush’s OrderAI Talk phone bot simplifies the phone ordering process by providing customers with the ability to place and pay for an order, without any interaction from the store’s staff. The technology can handle users’ various dialects or situational nuances, and the system understands the order, resulting in reduced frustrations typically associated with less sophisticated phone bots.

OrderAI Text provides the unique ability for frequent Jet’s customers to leverage texting as a powerful, simple, and convenient re-order channel to either phone or other digital ordering channels. Based on the same software engine as OrderAI Talk, OrderAI Text delivers great guest experiences, and increased order volumes. OrderAI Text allows restaurants to have consumers opt-in for marketing promotions, and at key re-order times, a reminder text can be sent. By simply responding to the text promotion, the order is immediately placed without ever leaving the text thread. In fact, 29% of Jet’s customers act on marketing promotions once opted in. With the combination of OrderAI Talk and Text, Jet’s provides its customers with a unique market differentiator, while also increasing significant brand value for the restaurant.

With OrderAI Talk and Text, Jet’s improves order accuracy, reduces wait time, and improves the employee and customer experience. Increased order accuracy greatly enhances consumer satisfaction and loyalty, while also reducing food waste of orders that need to be remade. The five million total orders fulfilled through the OrderAI technology have accounted for approximately $140 million in sales for Jet’s locations across 340 stores.

“It’s been exciting to see how Jet’s Pizza has been able to grow and improve the customer experience through our technology and systems,” says Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush. “When we were investing in and developing both OrderAI Talk and Text, we wanted to streamline all operations and create the most connected experience from start to finish for everyone. Knowing that Jet’s has had such huge success with both is exciting. It’s been thrilling to see Jet’s build up a loyal fan base based on the technology.”

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